We collaborate with our artists to develop projects and programs for our clients. We want to hear from you to discuss your current and future works. This will enable us to position you in a project proposal and advocate for your inclusion.

New opportunities

Public funding is constantly dwindling and competition for what’s left is increasing; which means there is a real need for alternative and sustainable arts funding from private sector. Matter of Fact encourage the private sector to commission and support local artists and organisation. We are committed to involving artists in any new projects or programs that we create or are involved in.


Revenue options

We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, trusts and individuals to increase arts and cultural sector funding in order to benefit local communities. We’re serious about being part of a vibrant and sustainable heritage, arts and cultural sector which means designing new funding models for arts.


placing your work in a different space

Matter of Fact is working to challenge perceptions about arts and culture in places and sectors. We also invite artists and organisations to think outside existing mediums and push works into new, exciting and challenging spaces.

Become an Artist Partner

Based on your experience, craft and skill we will invite you to be apart of the Matter of Fact Artist Partners.  As a Matter of Fact partner we will work with you to get involved in new avenues to produce works.

If you’re interested in working with Matter of Fact please fill out the details in the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Artwork in Banner: 
Lauren Skogstad, Red Dress, 2015