The Matter of Fact directors and co-founders are committed creative industries professionals  


Ben lamason / Project Design

Ben brings to Matter of Fact years of experience as a Landscape Architect, creating 3d visualisations, and designing in the urban and residential environment. Ben is responsible for all the Matter of Fact design and visualisation requirements. His skill and knowledge are crucial for allowing Matter of Fact clients to see the projects and programs brought to life. Ben’s personal and professional interests make him a key member of the Matter of Fact team.

James Voller / Artistic director 

James has a long connection with the arts and cultural community as a practicing artist. His works have been displayed across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe. Whilst enjoying success through his own practice, James applies his skills as Matter of Fact artistic director to extend into other sectors and advocate on behalf of the artistic community.

Sean Keenan / Business manager

Sean’s connection to the arts world comes from working as an industry professional, primarily as a lawyer in music and digital media. As a lifelong fan of creativity and popular culture, Sean is now applying his skills with Matter of Fact as the commercial director. His work canvasses all of the agencies commercial needs and to ensure that our clients, partner, and artists can all have confidence that they will be supported when working with Matter of Fact.

Artwork in Banner: 
Benjamin Lamason, Shanghai Nights, 2014