We design and build creative projects
and programs.


 Matter of Fact are on a mission to promote arts and culture. We create new temporary, permanent and digital works, utilising new funding models to take a fresh approach to partnerships between business and artists.

Matter of Fact is an innovative, multi-disciplinary, creative agency focusing on heritage, culture and creativity in public space. We bring together a range of skills and experiences in public art, 3d visualisation, urban design, and business under one roof. We love creativity and work to build relationships for entrepreneurs, businesses, trusts, and individuals to collaborate in the arts and cultural sector. 


   James Voller,  Fragmented Facades , 2015


James Voller, Fragmented Facades, 2015

for artists

We advocate for private sector support to open new opportunities for artists and arts organisations because we know that money is dwindling, competition is increasing, and conditions are tough. Matter of Fact works hard to funding options for you to contribute new works in our project and programs.  

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   Lauren Skogstad,  Red Dress , 2015


Lauren Skogstad, Red Dress, 2015

For businesses

If you would like be part of the arts and cultural sector, we would like to hear from you! We help clients design and finance arts or cultural projects by offering a range of professional services. We can work with you to create a unique event or program which combines your commercial goal with creative outcomes.

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